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A fun element to put on tables or are large enough to be placed on the floor. Perfect for birthday celebrations!

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Balloon columns are fun for photo props and a perfect space for a custom message or logo. Typically 4’ - 10’ tall.

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Crazy Tower

Amazing for businesses and corporate events or to make a huge impact on your guests. Select from 3', 7' and 11' sizes.

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Balloon garlands add a fun focal point to any wall or entryway. Typically 4’ - 12’ in length, depending on the venue.

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A classic balloon rainbow that’s sure to bring joy to any wall.

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Balloon arches make an incredible grand entrance for any celebration! Small, medium and large sizes available.

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Custom design

Have something out of this world that you would like to bring to life? We would love to work with you to create the best balloon decor for your event in Missoula. Reach out today and we’d be glad to explore fun and unique balloon ideas with you!


Our Values

All of our balloons are helium-free, made from premium latex, are sustainable and super cute! So you can feel good about a premium product that’s good for the environment and helps protect our natural helium reserves.


Helium, the second most abundant element in the universe, is scarce here on Earth. Instead of wasting it in balloons, we believe it should be left for more critical applications that we truly need, such as cooling the magnets in MRI scanners. To make our balloons “float” we use clever tricks, such as stands, mounts, and brackets to give the appearance of floating. Air-filled balloons also last much longer than helium-filled, letting you enjoy them for longer.

Premium Latex

All of our non-foil balloons are made from premium quality latex. We source from the best vendors and manufacturers in the business, resulting in the highest quality latex balloons available. The balloons we use are 91% natural rubber latex, the other 9% are additives (not plastics) that ensure strength, elasticity, color, and shelf life stability.


The balloons we use are made of biodegradable natural rubber latex. Going a step further, we've partnered with Terracycle to recycle all latex and foil balloons, ensuring they become reused rubber for playgrounds and other rubber flooring. We encourage clients to return popped balloons to us for Terracycle recycling. We also recycle all of the plastic packaging and shipping materials that we receive from our distributors with Terracycle.

Meet the Chief Balloon Officer

Hi! I’m Aimee, the founder of Boo’s Balloons in Missoula, MT. I started Boo’s Balloons in late 2023, but I’ve had the idea of it for much longer than that. My love for balloons started when I tried to get balloons for my kid's birthday, and realized a large party supply store in Missoula closed down. I went to a few grocery stores but was disappointed with their selections - which is what prompted me to look into creating my own balloon business here in Missoula. I’ve always loved celebrating big milestones in my children’s lives with balloons, and I can’t wait to help other parents, business and community members celebrate too. I am excited to work with you so please reach out with any questions, ideas and custom orders. Thank you!

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What our customers say

Adds so much fun!

Boo's Balloons adds so much fun to your event! My kids have absolutely loved their custom birthday creations and Aimee is so easy to work with to bring your ideas to fruition...

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Erika, Missoula MT
November ‘23

The most beautiful balloons!

Aimee created the most beautiful balloon archway for our Grand Opening! She was attentive to our needs and style, and ended up creating an eye-catching...

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Sharlyssa, Missoula MT
April ‘24

A breath of fresh air!

I’m so tired of dealing with big chain businesses that it was such a breath of fresh air to have someone talk to me and personally care about some thing that I was wanting to bless my daughter with. I’m so excited for your new business and hope that you flourish.

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Bobbi Jo, Tri-Cities, WA
April ‘24